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Fused is an electronic music artist influenced by Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Mesh, Tenek, De/Vision and Lowe, who has been writing and recording as Fused since 1989..

Fused is very keen on collaboration projects with top quality vocalists interested in electronic music genre, so if interested please get in touch, using either the ‘Collaborations’ or ‘Contact’ page forms

Latest news

for the masses

Update for the Masses

A number of mix updates have been recently uploaded to Soundcloud, including a much brighter version of ‘A New Life’. The biggest news is probably... Read More
October 2017

Telekon: Reinterpreted update

Work continues on the cover project of Gary Numan’s classic album ‘Telekon’. Considered by Fused to be the greatest album of all time, after a hugely successful session... Read More
May 2017

Call for talented vocalists

Fused is looking for looking for talented, enthusiastic vocalists in the styles of either Amii Jackson of Parralox, or Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode. If you... Read More
May 2017

The Stranger EP Debut series

The track lists and final ‘music’ production work has been completed on both sets of EPs for what I’m labelling as the ‘Stranger’ set. These... Read More
May 2017

I Know It’s Right (with you) // Fused - Infinities 001
  1. I Know It’s Right (with you) // Fused - Infinities 001
  2. All I Ever Wanted // Fused - The Stranger Beside You
  3. …And Then // Depeche Mode - Clone_001_002
  4. Rhythm of the Evening // Fused - Clone_001_002