Name: Mark K
History: Mark has been writing and recording as Fused since 1989.
Influences: Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Mesh, Tenek, De/Vision and Lowe.
Genres: Electronic, Synthpop, Industrial & Synthwave

Fused literally fuse together all ‘classic’ electronic music flavours from the 1980s such as Pet Shop Boys, Erasure & Depeche Mode and infuse this with more contemporary influence such as Tenek, Lowe, De/Vision, Iris and of course Mesh.

Who is Fused?

Fused is the electronic music project of Mark K.

Mark has been making noises with synthesisers and computers since 1982 in various forms, and has a deep passion for electronic music and a number of it’s sub genres. Fused was a duo from 1989-1991 but split as members concentrated on other career areas. After a long hiatus Mark has now been working on Fused and it’s ‘core’ sound since 2001.

The Fused approach

The aim with Fused is work in three core area. These are divided into:

  1. Main ‘core’ Fused material. This is the central area of Fused material
  2. ‘Infinities’ series. An area for collaboration where a broader spectrum of electronic music is encompassed, where the hope is to work with guest vocalists a variety of original songs, EPs and albums.
  3. ‘Clone’ series. Again working in collaboration with like minded vocalists, this is purely a fun area for cover versions, as a homage to the great works that have influenced Fused over the last 40(!) years.