Genre: Electronic/Synthpop
Release: 2002

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2002 release of the ‘Personal Jesus’ influenced track, created for Digital Music Maker magazine, and featured on the cover CD.

Back to Basics

In 2002 Fused were invited to contribute a track to Digital Music Maker Magazine. For this an old Fused song written in 1988 called ‘Back to Basics’ (which the band performed live during 1989-1991) was reworked utilising Propellerheads’s ‘Reason’ Digital Audio Workstation software only.
The song was not only included on the cover disc of the magazine, but also featured a three page tutorial detailing the progression and creation of the song. This rare magazine has been out of print for years, but now, the track is available exclusively here.

Written by Fused
Recorded and mixed at Buttercup Studios 2002
© FusedMusic Ltd 2002