Genre: Electronic/Synthpop
Release: 2017

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The Clone series is a ‘thank you and homage’ to the band’s influences over the years but also a testing ground for music development for Fused, away from the main music releases.

Clone 001

‘Clone_001’ is an expanding ‘streaming only’ EP which delivers tracks originally recorded by Depeche Mode, Erasure and Camouflage.

01 Phantom Bride*
02 March on Down the Line*
03 The Great Commandment^
04 Lie to Meº
05 …And Thenº

º Written by Martin L Gore
* Written by Vince Clarke & Andrew Bell
^ Written by Heiko Maile, Marcus Meyn & Oliver Kreyssig
Recorded and mixed at Avon Studios 2017
© FusedMusic Ltd 2017


A very special second ‘Clone’ set features a ‘streaming only’ 100% ‘Gary Numan’ track list, featuring a number of ‘less obvious’ choices for a cover version, but much more intriguing as a consequence.

01 We Are Glass
02 Rhythm of the Evening
03 Soul Protection
04 This Is My House
05 The Joy Circuit
06 Telekon (Full length)
07 Photograph
08 Telekon (Taster)

All songs written by Gary Webb
Recorded and mixed at Avon Studios 2016/17
© FusedMusic Ltd 2017