Genre: Electronic/Synthpop
Release: 2017

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The Infinities series is an expanding set of songs that take in the full spectrum of electronic music, which plays outside the core ‘Fused’ sound. The aim with these is not only to take synthpop into other areas but also for contribution from guest vocalists.

Infinities 001

‘Infinities’ is an expanding album series which develops ideas and music slightly outside the core sound of Fused. This series is an area which Fused would love to collaborate with other musicians, and in particular vocalists. If you like what you hear here, and feel you can contribute a vocal style to match this music, please get in contact via the Contact page.

01 + [Positive]
02 Free
03 Flawless
04 Song
05 I’m Still Human
06 I Know It’s Right (with you)
07 Slipping My Mind

All songs written by Fused
Recorded and mixed at Avon Studios 2017
© FusedMusic Ltd 2017