Genre: Electronic/Synthpop
Release: 2017

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A 2 disc CD-R compilation release of demos, bringing together the ‘missing years’ of music from Fused. Many of these will be be reworked for future ‘core’ releases too.


ReBirth is a 2017 CD-R two disc compilation featuring the complete ‘missing music set’ Fused 2001-2011 song set. This exclusive release was available for a limited time only as a individually numbered 2 disc set by invitation only.

01 Sanctified
02 Faces
03 Crash Course With Fate
04 Fallen Angel
05 Is Nothing Sacred?
06 Desires
07 Song
08 As Yet Undecided
09 World
10 Hand of Love
11 Hold
12 Torture
13 Screamer
14 Glass Heart
15 Interlude to…

01 It’s All Gone
02 Another Lifetime
03 Love and Cherish
04 My Kind of Beautiful
05 Shame Its You
06 The Random Survey
07 You Lied
08 Spin the Wheel
09 Dreams
10 A Little Piece of Heaven
11 Meaning to Lie
12 Never Look Back
13 Old Tricks
14 Reason to Be
15 My Saviour

Recorded and mixed at Buttercup Studios 2001-2010
All songs written by Fused
© FusedMusic Ltd 2017