03 September 2018

Take It All Apart: Click Remixed released

Released today is ‘Take It All Apart: Click Remixed’, a new remix E.P. by DarwinMcD and featuring Eric C Powell, includes four new remixes by Fused. There are a total of eight distinctive and engaging versions of the synthpop sensation Click. Featuring six breakout electronic artists and producers, each with their own unique renditions of Click, Fused was invited to contribute to this exciting project. These are:
01 Click 7″ Ruby Red Fused Remix
02 Click 12″ Ruby Red Fused Remix
03 Click L12″ Yellow Brick Fused Remix
04 Click XL12″ Agent Orange Fused mix

Here’s a direct Bandcamp link to the release:

Take It All Apart: Click Remixed

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