Fused V2

Fused is a UK based electronic music artist influenced by classic 80s synthpop who has grown into a major underground force for electropop.

Out now is the brand new double CD compilation “V2” available exclusively via Bandcamp.


Creating electronic pop music as Fused since 1989, Mark has a growing number of synthpop releases and supporters.


Fused has worked with underground electronic music artists, and produced many well received releases in the last two years.


Fused has over 50 remix projects to his name, and is now sought out as a contributor known for his 'high energy, 80s but modern' vibe.

Commercial releases

About Fused

Mark Kendrick is an electronic music artist, producer and remixer who has been writing and recording as Fused since 1989. With a passion for the classic 80s electronic music sound, he brings back this style literally fused to a modern, energy that has led to his involvement in a number of production and remix projects for prolific, well received underground music artists and vocalists as well as growing discography of his own vibrant brand of synthpop.

Remix & Production

has Fused has a very proactive, engaging relationship with the underground electronic music scene, and has worked with many other artists as a producer and remixer. Click on a cover image to go to the artist Bandcamp page to listen to their work:

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