Fused enjoys working with creatives who understand the electronic synthpop music genre, and enthusiastic to create top quality music in the style of Depeche Mode, Mesh, Tenek, Lowe, Camouflage, De/Vision, Parralox and Gary Numan.

Working with Fused

Fused has successfully produced an ever growing number of remixes for bands such as Sombre Moon, Lemonade Kid and DarwinMcd & Eric C Powell, as well as full production work for Jigsaw Sequence, Screamershock and Sombre Moon with their acclaimed ‘Prayer’ single and remixes.

Here’s a rapidly growing list of the work undertaken by Fused with other bands and creatives:

Get in touch

For those looking for production help with their electronic music project, or if you are considering someone reliable to remix your electronic music track who really ‘gets the genre’, please get in touch.

Finally, Fused is interested in collaboration with vocalists with a style akin to Amii Jackson of Parralox, Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, Mark Hocking of Mesh or Amy Lee of Evanescence.

So if you like what you hear and think you can complete the musical picture with your voice… get in touch now.

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Remixes & more

Take a listen to the “Fused Realities” Spotify playlist, detailing many of the tracks Fused has produced or remixed for bands mentioned on this page. Like what you hear? Feel you would be interested in working with Fused for remix or collaborative work? Please drop Fused a line now.