07 December 2018

“Run remixed vol.1” features new remixes & mastering by Fused

Released today is the first series of remixes  for the ‘DarwinMcD & Huguenot’ song ‘Run’.
The “Run” Volume I remixes touch on everything from classic Pet Shop Boys “Suburbia” soundscapes to current high energy club mixes. There’s something for everyone’s musical taste. It’s an international collaboration with Volume I remixes by Parralox, Fused, Graflex, Static Shore and Mark Hagan. This EP has not only been completely mastered by Fused. but also features two remixes, called the ‘Fused 12″ Suburbia Remix” and the “Fused 7″ Suburbia Remix”

A direct link is here for the EP is right here:

Run: Remixes vol.1 by DarwinMcD & Huguenot

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