Genre: Electronic
Release: 2017

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The ‘Stranger’ two-part album series is the ‘core debut release’ from Fused. It represents the melting pot of music ideas and influence from decades of incredible, powerful electronic music.

The Stranger Beside Me

This full length album features seven prime tracks by Fused which are what is considered the band’s ‘core’ sound. This set takes influence from the classic era of electronic music such as Depeche Mode and Gary Numan and fuses this with more modern influences such as Mesh, Tenek and De/Vision. This is part one of a two part set, which comprises the ‘Stranger’ debut series of music.

01 Die Glocke
02 A New Life
03 The World We Live in
04 Jumping At Shadows (taster)
05 Stronger With You
06 Perfect
07 The Strangest Thing

All songs written by Fused
Recorded and mixed at Avon Studios 2017
© FusedMusic Ltd 2017