Genre: Electronic
Release: 2017

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A modern electronic/cinematic reimagining of what Fused considers the greatest album of all time: Gary Numan’s 1980 classic ‘Telekon’.

The Joy Circuit: Telekon ReInterpreted

This slowly expanding selection of tracks reflects a new take on perhaps the single greatest electronic album of all time. What initially started as the title track, Telekon, submitted for inclusion on the Numanme Gary Numan fan forum Telekon tribute album, Fused expanded with a further two songs, We Are Glass and Photograph.
Following this Fused is reimagining the entire album and to date the track list is as listed.

01 This Wreckage
02 Photograph
03 Telekon
04 The Joy Circuit
05 We Are Glass
06 Telekon (taster)

All songs written by Gary Webb
Recorded and mixed at Avon Studios 2017
© FusedMusic Ltd 2017