DarwinMcD single “Run” produced by Fused

Fused was recently invited to take on mix and mastering duties for the new single by ‘DarwinMcD & Huguenot’ called ‘Run’.
Released on November 2nd, “Run” is a continuation of early 80’s synth-pop glory blending darwinmcd’s addictive musical stylings with Huguenot’s catchy vocal melodies, full of soulful country boy realness, that promises to garner repeat listening.

A direct link is here for the two track single which includes an instrumental version:

Run by DarwinMcD

November 2018

Numb single by Sombre Moon produced by Fused

Released today is “Numb”, the new single by Sombre Moon. Produced by Fused, this is a huge, dark synthpop powerhouse of a track, with soaring vocals and brooding, dark driving electronics.

The single also features two additional remixes of the band’s previous single, ‘Prayer’ remixed by Jigsaw Sequence, and Distant Minds.
Please check it out and purchase the new single now!

A direct link is here for the three track single:

Numb by Sombre Moon

October 2018

Fused remixes Thommo BetaPSI track ‘Smile’

Today marks the Soundcloud release of the latest remix work by Fused. This time it’s an upbeat working of the ‘Thommo’ track ‘Smile’ featuring the vocal work of BetaPSI. This take is a Pet Shop Boys style electronic synth dance track. Currently just a single version is live here, but there will also be a forthcoming extended 12″ mix too which is complete, but just awaiting release.
Fused would like to thank Thommo for the opportunity to create this new vision for the track.

Here’s a direct Soundcloud link to the release:

Smile feat. BetaPSI (Fused Disco Remix)

October 2018
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