Genre: Electronic
Release: 2017

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A darker flavour of Fused, with menace, power and drive, evocative of the classic mid 80s era Depeche Mode fused with modern electronic music standards.

Walking on Knives

This five track EP features a set of concept songs based on a single theme of the original dark fairytale classic The Little Mermaid. Focussing on the cold brutality of unrequited love, the sound palette is influenced from the mid 80s classic era of Depeche Mode and Recoil.

01 And Then There Was You
02 Walking on Knives
03 I Can Feel It
04 Dante’s Surrender
05 And Then There Was You (edit)

All songs written by Fused
Recorded and mixed at Attic Studios 2017
© Fused Music Ltd 2017